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LidLift Goggle for Post-Blepharoplasty Surgery Recovery

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Experience a breakthrough in post-blepharoplasty healing with LidLift Goggles, your essential companion for a faster, more comfortable recovery. Designed to minimize bruising, swelling, and discomfort, these goggles offer a scientifically proven way to return to your daily life with confidence.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Bruising: Significantly diminishes the visibility of bruises by applying gentle pressure to the affected area.
  • Reduce Swelling: Effectively minimizes swelling through controlled pressure, aiding in a quicker recovery process.
  • Less Discomfort: Experience a more comfortable recovery period, allowing you to rest and heal with ease.
  • Quick Return to Normalcy: Get back to work and public life sooner, with less downtime impacting your routine.
  • CoolCell Foam Technology: Enhances skin cooling, improves airflow and moisture transmission, and maintains optimal skin temperature for maximum comfort.

Innovative Design:

  • Pressure Technology: Utilizes just 20 mm/Hg of pressure to efficiently manage capillary bleeding, preventing excessive bruising and swelling.
  • Superior Comfort: The phase-change coating and CoolCell Foam ensure a comfortable, cooling effect that promotes patient compliance.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Overwhelming positive feedback from clinical studies, with 92% of users willing to use LidLift Goggles again.

Clinical Proof of Superiority:

  • Impressive Satisfaction Rates: 92% of patients would reuse, and 87% reported improved recovery experiences.
  • Statistically Significant Results: Achieves 3x faster recovery at 4-6 days post-surgery and 5x faster at 12-14 days, compared to traditional ice therapy.

Important Order Information:

Use the Standard Shipping if your surgery is at least 5 business days in the future. If your surgery is 3-4 business days in the future, selected the Expedited Shipping option. If surgery is in two business days use the overnight option. If surgery is one business day, we cannot get the goggles to you, as you need them in hand the night prior to surgery.

After ordering, you'll get a confirmation email and another with a tracking number for shipment. Track your order with this number instead of contacting Lid Lift directly, as we don't guarantee the courier's service.

Inform your surgeon about using Lid Lift Goggles before purchasing. If they're unfamiliar with the product, guide them to or contact for information.

Carry the goggles to the surgery, keeping them with you in the pre-op area for use in the operating room immediately after the procedure.

For international buyers, order at least 7 business days before surgery. Orders placed less than 7 business days before the requested delivery date will be canceled and refunded.

Less Bruising

Experience significantly reduced bruising with our innovative compression technology, making your recovery visibly smoother.

Faster Recovery

Speed up your healing process and return to your daily activities sooner, thanks to the advanced design of our goggles.

Reduce Swelling

Minimize post-surgical swelling efficiently, ensuring a more comfortable and quicker path to your desired results.

Patient Testimonials

"My first of two blepharoplasty procedures was 15 years earlier and recovery with the traditional ice packs left me swollen, black, and blue for several weeks. Dreading my second and more extensive procedure due to my first experience, I was thrilled with the remarkable difference with LidLift goggles. Not only were they more comfortable on my eyes,the swelling and bruising healed 5 times faster compared to my first Bleph!Using pressure instead of cold compresses totally accelerated my recovery time as promised!  Thank you!"
LidLift Goggle Patient
"I wore the goggles for the first four hours after surgery and then only removed them when I was up on my feet for the two days after surgery. I actually preferred to have them on as when I removed them I was a little light sensitive and I felt they protected the stitches. Almost no bruising!"
LidLift Goggle Patient
"Compared to my mother, brother, and sister who did not use the goggles I had much less bruising and swelling."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"I was out having lunch with friends after only five days."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"The goggles definitely kept my hands away from the surgical areas. Applied good pressure, and having the sizing strap made them feel comfortable and secure."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"My eyelid surgery recovery went faster and better than I expected and was able to return to work and be out in public."
LidLift Goggle Patient

Get Back to Life Quickly

Accelerate your recovery with LidLift Goggles, ensuring a swift transition back to daily activities post-blepharoplasty. These goggles offer a seamless blend of comfort and efficiency, dramatically reducing downtime and facilitating a smoother healing process. Ideal for the proactive individual, LidLift Goggles are the key to resuming your lifestyle quickly and effortlessly.

Proven Performance: Clinically Validated and Globally Trusted

Clinically proven to diminish bruising by three to five times, our patented technology is FDA licensed and trusted. Thousands of satisfied patients across four countries have experienced its benefits.

LidLift Goggles Accelerate Your Recovery

Reduce Bruising

High Patient Satisfaction

Minimize Swelling

Maximize Comfort

LidLiftGoggles reduce bruising 3-5 times at 5-13 days post operative.

LidLift Goggles are associated with high patient satisfaction

Bruising and swelling are caused by capillary leakage -- LidLift goggles reduce capillary leakage

LidLift Goggles use cooling foam for maximum comfort. No need to use ice.