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About Us

The Lid Lift Goggle was invented by Dr. John McCann, MD, PhD. The purpose of the goggles has always been to make the recovery from blepharoplasty easier for patients. Dr. McCann is an eyelid and facial surgery specialist, inventor, teacher and scientist. His initial board certification was in Ophthalmology. His first job was as a professor at the Jules Stein Eye Institute on the UCLA campus.  Given his Ophthalmology background Dr. McCann was influenced by cataract surgery which evolved from a surgery that required a difficult hospitalization and ended with the patient wearing coke bottle glasses, into a surgery with almost no recovery with many patients having excellent vision the day after and being freed from the need to use glasses. Initially Dr. McCann published basic science studies and later studies on ways to improve eyelid surgery  procedures. After publishing about 100 peer reviewed articles he shifted his attention to ways to make blepharoplasty more like cataract surgery with an easy recovery. He eventually married his long time girlfriend Rachel and was encouraged to leave Los Angeles and started his own private center in Salt Lake City were he continued perfecting his craft, training other physicians, living in the mountains of Park City, and working on ways to make recovery easier. In particular he wanted to reduce bruising and swelling after eyelid surgery because this is patients' top concern.  Not surprisingly the idea of the Lid Lift Goggle was born on a ski lift in Park City Utah. Initially the goggles were only available to his private patients but Dr. McCann had been training physicians from the US and around the globe for over 20 years. The doctors in training had seen the benefit of the goggles and wanted those goggles to be available to make their patients' recovery easy. His younger brother, Bill McCann, was convinced others would be interested so Bill organized Lid Lift LLC, found a manufacturer, and marketed and supported Lid Lift Goggles.  Like all companies it was very small at first with Dr. McCann's former students being many of the early adopters.  The company has grown at a strong steady pace since inception and today has many many thousands of happy patient advocates on three continents.  We continue to listen to our patient and physician users. On occasion, they give us an idea on how to make recovery from blepharoplasty easier and we modify our product accordingly. It has been an awesome journey so far.  Bill McCann passed away in 2023 at the young age of 55 and to this day Dr. John McCann will tell you that the commercial success of the company is 100% owed to his brother and how grateful he is that the company created such an excellent excuse to spend so much time talking and traveling with his brother in the years before he passed.