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Make Blepharoplasty Recovery Easy

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Achieve transformative results with minimum recovery

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Take the easy path from before to after

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Get Back to Life Quickly with Lid Lift Goggles

Clinically tested and shown to reduce bruising 3-5 fold. Patented technology. FDA Licensed. Used by thousands of satisfied patients in 4 countries.

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Why Lid Lift Goggles: Meet Sally

Dr. William P. Mack Tampa Bay, FL

Dr. John Burroughs MD Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Angleo Tsirbas was the first international user. Currently sold in the US, CA, UK, AU

Physician Testimonials

"Lid Lift Goggles have radically changed my practice. Since implementing them in Nov. 2022, I am seeing three to five times less bruising and swelling with patients after blepharoplasty surgery. As an oculoplastic surgeon, my primary focus is providing the patient with long-lasting beautiful results. Patients are often just as concerned with how the surgery will impact their lives in the immediate post-op period.Lid LIft Goggles have helped to dramatically improve the patient experience by decreasing downtime and allowing them to return to their daily lives much sooner."
Dr. Paul Johnson, MD
Eyelid Surgery Expert (New Jersey)
"The LidLiftGoggle is a great way to get your patients back to normal activity quicker. They are easy to use and at a price point that many patients find appealing.I recommend the LidLIftGoggle to all my cosmetic patients."
John Hunts, MD
Eyelid Surgery Expert (Oregon)
"Lid Lift Goggles work as advertised! They reliably reduce the bruising and swelling the patients experience after eyelid surgery allowing them to return to their normal daily activities sooner. I consider Lid Lift Goggles vital to a speedy recovery after blepharoplasty."
Michael Worley, MD
Eyelid Surgery Expert (Louisiana)
"You wear these after surgery instead of cold compresses. We are seeing patients at the first week check with hardly any bruising or swelling. It's amazing! I also like them because patients sleep with them and it protects the incisions while the eyes are healing."
John Burroughs, MD
Eyelid Surgery Expert (Colorado)

Patient Testimonials

"My first of two blepharoplasty procedures was 15 years earlier and recovery with the traditional ice packs left me swollen,black, and blue for several weeks. Dreading my second and more extensive procedure due to my first experience, I was thrilled with the remarkable difference with LidLift goggles. Not only were they more comfortable on my eyes,the swelling and bruising healed 5 times faster compared to my first Bleph!Using pressure instead of cold compresses totally accelerated my recovery time as promised!  Thank you!"
LidLift Goggle Patient
"I wore the goggles for the first four hours after surgery and then only removed them when I was up on my feet for the two days after surgery. I actually preferred to have them on as when I removed them I was a little light sensitive and I felt they protected the stitches. Almost no bruising! "
LidLift Goggle Patient
"Compared to my mother, brother, and sister who did not use the goggles I had much less bruising and swelling."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"I was out having lunch with friends after only five days."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"The goggles definitely kept my hands away from the surgical areas. Applied good pressure, and having the sizing strap made them feel comfortable and secure."
LidLift Goggle Patient
"My eyelid surgery recovery went faster and better than I expected and was able to return to work and be out in public."
LidLift Goggle Patient

LidLiftGoggles reduce bruising 3-5 times at 5-13 days post operative.

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LidLiftGoggles are associated with high patient satisfaction

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LidLift Goggles reduce capillary leakage.

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Leakage is reduce by applying a gentle comforting pressure to the area around the eyelid

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LidLiftGoggles use cooling foam for maximum comfort. No need to use ice.

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