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Cooling Foam Increases Patient Comfort

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Testimonial Video

Dr. John Burroughs ( - Springs Aesthetics, Colorado Springs) discusses his experience in using the Lid Lift Goggle with his patients.  A 5 fold reduction in bruising and swelling.   

Dr. McCann Interviewed by ABC4, Good Things Utah

Dr. John McCann, Founder and Inventor, talks about the benefits of the Lid Lift Goggle.  A 3-5 fold reduction in bruising and swelling compared to ice compresses, comfortable healing process, high Patient Satisfaction, return to work and social life faster.

Additional Testimonials

Just to let you know I have used your goggles for post-blepharoplasty chemosis, for which they worked well, and have also recommended them to a patient for post-blepharoplasty malar edema. She reported to me today - mother of the bride tomorrow! - that they have worked well. Perhaps these are additional indications?  I congratulate you on the development of the LidLift goggle, and expect indications will only expand in future.

Dr. Alan Brackup, January 2019

The LidLiftGoggle is a great way to get your patients back to normal activity quicker. They are easy to use and at a price point that many patients find appealing. I recommend the LidLiftGoggle to all my cosmetic and medical blepharoplasty patients.

Dr. John Hunts, August 2018

Lid Lift Goggles work as advertised! They reliably reduce the bruising and swelling that patients experience after eyelid surgery allowing them to return to their normal daily activities sooner. I consider Lid Lift Goggles vital to a speedy recovery after blepharoplasty.

Dr. Michael Worley, July 2018

“You wear these after surgery instead of cold compresses.  We are seeing patients at the first week check up with hardly any bruising or swelling. It’s amazing.  I also like them because patients sleep with them and it protects the incisions while they are healing.” 

Dr. John Burroughs, July 2018

My eyelid surgery recovery went faster and better than I expected and was able to return to work and be out in public. 

Patient, July 2018

I was out having lunch with friends after only five days.

Patient, July 2018

My eyes felt more comfortable and I felt more secure while wearing the goggles. This feeling gave me the sense that the healing process would progress more easily and quickly.

Patient, July 2018

The goggles definitely kept my hands away from my surgical areas. Applied good pressure, and having the sizing strap made them feel comfortable and secure.

Patient, July 2018

My recovery experience was excellent and I think that the goggles were a significant help. You need to be willing to lie still for most of the first few days and the secret is to have bought audio books ahead of time so you can listen while you lay still with the goggles.

Patient, July 2018