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LidLift Goggle Videos

Explore our range of videos to discover how Lidlift Goggles can enhance your recovery experience, offering both comfort and peace of mind. 


Revolutionize Recovery with LidLift Goggles: Enhancing Blepharoplasty Outcomes

Explore the benefits of LidLift Goggles in our latest video, featuring Dr. John McCann discussing their role in enhancing blepharoplasty recovery. Learn how these innovative goggles reduce swelling and bruising by up to 500%, ensuring a comfortable and secure post-surgery experience.


Enhancing Eyelid Surgery Recovery: Marsha Hoch's LidLift Goggles Experience

Discover Marsha Hoch's journey with Lidlift Goggles, as detailed by her surgeon, Dr. William Mac. At 73, Marsha experienced a remarkable recovery from lower eyelid surgery, thanks to these innovative goggles that reduce bruising and swelling by applying gentle compression. With early testing showing a 3-5 fold improvement over traditional icing methods, and features like removable cutouts for visibility, Lidlift Goggles not only enhance healing but also ensure patient compliance and comfort. Witness the astounding before and after results that underscore quicker healing and minimized downtime.


Advancing Eyelid Surgery: Dr. John Burrows Discusses Innovations and Patient Concerns

Join Maria Parmigiana as she interviews Dr. John Burrows, a specialist in ophthalmic plastic surgery, at Springs Aesthetics. Dr. Burrows shares his extensive training and qualifications in the field, highlighting his journey through rigorous exams and a dedicated fellowship in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Addressing common patient concerns about safety and recovery time, Dr. Burrows introduces the Lidlift Goggles, a novel solution he pioneered in Colorado. These goggles significantly reduce bruising and swelling by approximately five times compared to traditional methods, offering enhanced protection and comfort during sleep post-surgery. Discover how these innovations are changing the landscape of eyelid surgery recovery.