Single - Expedited Delivery

Single - Expedited Delivery

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Important Notes (read before buying):

Expedited shipping should be used if you are a US customer and your surgery is 2-4  business days from the date of order. If your date of surgery is 5 or more business days from the date of order you can save money by not using expedited shipping.  We cannot get the product to you in less than 2 business days.

You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order and a second shipping email with a tracking number on it. Use the tracking number as opposed to contacting Lid Lift about shipping progress.  Lid Lift Goggle does not guarantee the shipping company's service. 

It is best to make your surgeon's office aware of your intention to use Lid Lift Goggle prior to purchase. Depending on the surgeon, they may or may not be familiar with the product.  If needed, you're welcome to direct them to and/or send an email to for any questions on the product.

It is important that you bring the Lid Lift Goggle with you the day of surgery and keep it on your person in the pre-op area so it is taken back into the operating room with you. The goggles are most commonly placed immediately after the procedure in the operating room. 

Important Note to Buyers outside of the United States.  Do not use expidited shipping and please place your order 7 (or more) business days prior to surgery.  We will reverse your order and issue refund if the delivery date (requested in "Cart") is less than 7 days.


Eye Pads.  As noted in the Instructions, you will need a small supply of oval eye pads.  Lid Lift Goggle does not supply.  Check with your surgeon (they often have a supply) or you can purchase separately.  We recommend "Dynarex sterile oval eye pads, 1-5/8 inch x 2-5/8 inch". 

Returns/Refunds.  Returns available for unused Lid Lift Goggles.  Refunds provided less a $25 restocking fee.  Shipping costs not refunded.  Refund processed after product returned and inspected for restocking.  Please contact to initiate return process and we will provide return shipping address.  

Lid Lift Goggles can only be purchased from this website or directly from a surgeon's office.  Do not resell used Lid Lift Goggles. If you see Lid Lift Goggle in a secondary market, do not purchase as they may be contaminated used goggles. used goggles.

**Version with removable plugs are no longer available.